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    175 Liters Of Water For 10 Eggs?

    By Claus Schafhalter | February 9, 2010

    17.5 l fresh water for one egg!

    Professor John Anthony Allan from King’s College London introduced the concept of “virtual water”. He was looking for the total usage of fresh water necessary to get a product to a consumer. It’s an eye opening number to see that 175 l water are necessary to produce 10 eggs. Or 810 l of water for just one baby diaper!

    Of course there are some caveats with the concept of virtual water. Even if a lot of water is used, it does not mean that the water is lost. On contrary, most of the water can and will be used over and over again.

    However, if we assume that there is always a part of water tainted during usage, then we can see why using less water will have a big positive impact on the environment.

    Lean means to use a resource efficiently and to reduce waste as much as possible. If we use less of something from the beginning, we will produce less waste too!

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