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    By Claus Schafhalter | February 22, 2010

    Last weekend my kids tried to count the pieces of litter they spotted while we were driving down 280 from San Francisco to San Jose. They counted at a frantic pace, but had to give up pretty soon: There were way too many pieces of garbage.

    Back at home they did a quick we web-research and found the following statement: “You can walk one mile along an average highway in the U.S. And see over 1,400 pieces of litter!”. Wow. How does the litter get there? Do we Americans really throw junk out of our cars without any regard to our environment?

    On the same site they found the following statement: “The average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year. Most is packaging and junk mail.”

    Well, I did not substantiate if the numbers above are correct, but it does not really matter if they are off. You can see with your own eyes that there is way too much garbage littering our streets. And that we receive way too much junk mail and buy stuff with exorbitant packaging.

    Here is what we agreed on in our family:

    These are of course very small steps, but reducing waste by paying more attention on how we do stuff is a lean approach. That we will try to step up our recycling efforts is also positive, however lean tells us it is better to avoid waste than to recycle waste.

    Do you have some waste reducing actions planned too?

    Claus Schafhalter, Sunogos

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