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    Strategic Change, Execution Blunder (Part 4) – Netflix Commits A U-Turn

    By Claus Schafhalter | October 10, 2011


    Qwikster is no more. In an abrupt change of strategy Netflix announced on Oct 10th that they will give up on spinning off their DVD-by-mail service dubbed Qwikster, only a few weeks after they announced they would spin it off.

    Strategic masterpiece? Well, you can look at it from two very different perspectives:

    1. Great move! Netflix heard that customers do not like the split, and Netflix listened to customers and stopped the spin off. It really shows that Netflix is a customer oriented organization. Or
    2. Desparation! Netflix has no clue what they are doing, and after customers left in droves used the emergency brakes to rescue what is left.

    In my opinion Netflix did some very bad moves within the last few months:

    But why did they do what they did, and why did they do it how they did it? Read on in a following post in this series.


    Claus Schafhalter, Management Consultant @ Sunogos


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